After the seven weeks of fasting with which you are purification your soul and body and the Christians comply with the feat of God, who in the desert feasted for 49 days after it’s the biggest Christian feast Christian resurrection – Easter. Symbol of Easter is the painted egg. That presents symbol of love, it finding place in the kids play, scheduling after some believes protects from bad spirits.

The egg represent symbol of fertility and indicates for infinity life. According to Christian belief, the egg is symbol of Jesus Christ and the resurrection, and the red color, the Jesus blood, marks the win of the life over death. In the past the eggs were dyed only with what the nature offered-red onion, peel of tree, boiled violets, parsley etc. The people believe that the eggs which the housewife painted on Thursday before the sunrise, they are not spoiled until the next Easter.

For the egg which will be painted first, there is belief that is of the God and that has special power. With that egg the housewife touches the kids on their cheeks and says: “Red, white, thick, hard as iron”.

Besides the first egg of the God, before the sunrise there are painted eggs as the family has members.

One of the eggs in Saturday the mother put it in the water, and with that water she is taking a bath so can await the big day clean. The morning on Easter the whole family goes for the chapel service, and after that begins the celebration in the home and with the family.

During that day children come to visit homes to congratulate the feast and the housewife is giving them dyed eggs.

Beside the Easter eggs, also the table should be in Sunday best, by preparing meals with eggs, with creative design ideas etc. The Easter lamb is cooked on special way and it’s always part of the festive family lunch. After the lunch usually the youngest goes to the older members of the family to congratulate the feast.

Christ is Risen, Truly He is risen! For joy, for happiness, for many years, are the usual words and have special meaning for the Christians.

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